Independent Planning Reviews

Staff Shortages at critical times

Independent Planning Reviews

Business Analysts and Finance professionals today are required to perform dynamic planning and analysis in a volatile business environment. Many are finding that their departments are under stress at certain times of the year during the in-house Planning cycle period. It is often difficult for personnel to skill up quickly as many areas of expertise are required, these include:

 Detailed knowledge of the business sector that you operate in

 Accounting knowledge

 Excel Expertise

 Forecasting and Planning Expertise

 Knowledge of your business software and related processes

Excel is Everywhere

Microsoft Excel™ is still abundant within organisations, where it is used to join up costly and fragmented solutions. Designed as a personal productivity tool, spreadsheets are ill-equipped for the heavy processing demands of a performance management environment. They are two dimensional, overly complex, prone to errors and lack security.

Helping you to be more productive

Réiteach are Ireland’s planning and performance management specialists with over 15 years experience in this space. We have worked with over 50 of the top 300 companies in Ireland including O2 Ireland, VHI Healthcare, Primark, Dunnes Stores, Brown Thomas, Ryanair, Cityjet, Airbus Finance, PepsiCo, Nissan Ireland, Dublin Bus, Grafton Group, BWG Foods, NTR plc, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and EBS.

Our skills can be used to:

 Provide additional specialist staff during critical periods of your business planning cycle.

 Implement security and audit procedures to assist with governance compliance.

 Review your current planning process and business practices and document areas where best practice improvements can be implemented.

 Implement procedures and guidelines to manage loss of skilled staff members

 Help mitigate key-man risk during vulnerable times for your business

 Independent review of your Business Planning Process and assistance with Governance Compliance